Dr. Cranford L. Scott, M.D.

Dr. Cranford L. Scott, M.D.

Dr. Scott was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee and finished his medical degree at the University of Tennessee in 1968.

Dr. Scott is acclaimed by the International Association of Internists as a leading physician of the world and Los Angeles, California. A Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Dr. Scott is renowned as an outstanding teacher.

A father and a grandfather, Dr. Scott lives by the virtues of humility, services, and diligence. Dr. Scott believes that “genuine compassion is the greatest health and world-changing skill on the planet”

Professional Memberships

  • Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Fellow, American College of Physicians

From specialty in internal medicine to dedicated clinical investigations, Dr. C.L. diligently works to innovate health care. Dr. C.L has been a champion within the medical community. Passionate about health and education he has devoted his life to the well being of his community and family.


  • College/University: Memphis State University, B.S., 1964

  • Medical School: University of Tennessee, M.D., 12/1968

  • Internship/ Residency: Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, Residency in internal Medicine, 01/1969-1973

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